The Trainers: The cutting edge - the qualifications - the motivation

Using language is not a matter of saying one word after another, but a blend of various linguistic elements for the purpose of communicating something specific. To enable you to make the most effective use of those elements in any given situation, you need a trainer who will provide the words you need and guide you in the use of them.

inlingua trainers are qualified teachers
inlingua only uses native speakers who are professionals with academic qualifications and outstanding teaching skills.

inlingua trainers create confidence
They are sensitive to your needs and deploy their interpersonal skills to get you to speak.

inlingua trainers motivate
They help you to overcome any hurdles and create a relaxed and trust-filled atmosphere.

inlingua trainers work in a support team
Before each training course the trainer is briefed on the needs of the group or individual. This is done by the Director of Studies, who monitors the course.

inlingua trainers develop their skills
inlingua trainers take part in regular in-service seminars on teaching techniques.

By the way: there is always a member of staff responsible for corporate groups to keep you up-to-date on progress.

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