The Needs Analysis: individual - precise - goal-oriented

We work out an individualized training strategy for you, based on the placement test results and your statement of aims:

  • Learner-oriented subject matter on the basis of the General Purposes Program (GPP) and the Accelerated Professional Program (APP).
  • A Course Training Guide sets out the time frame, the terms and conditions, and the aims for the participants and the company.
  • The right organizational form: one-on-one, group courses, in-house training, training in Germany or abroad.

The three stages of Needs Analysis

Structured basic analysis
inlingua uses a structured questionnaire to determine the challenges, tasks and communication situations that individual learners will in future be confronted with.

Precise analysis of subject matter
Once we are clear about the situations the language is needed for, we can decide on the subject matter for areas like telephoning, business correspondence and so on.

Requirements interview
When a company has special requirements and/or there are large participant numbers, we recommend a meeting involving inlingua, course participants, project managers and executive personnel. This will enable us to do exact planning and, for example, develop the materials needed.

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