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  • Englisch-Trainer

Business and General English Trainer

inlingua Chemnitz is constantly seeking experienced, qualified trainers to join our international trainer team. We offer our English trainers secure employment with full social insurance coverage and a minimum amount of hours guaranteed. Work above the minimum is paid on a monthly basis. Other benefits include travel expenses, when teaching takes place in companies, 24 days paid holiday per year and favourably priced German lessons.

These benefits reflect the standard we expect from our staff. Freelancers are highly welcome as well.

Applicants should provide the following qualifications: 

  • University Degree
  • Driving Licence 
  • TESOL Certificate (preferred) 
  • Teaching Experience (preferred)


If you are interested to join our team and if you meet the specified criteria, please send your application to:

inlingua Chemnitz
Ms. Marijke Roelandt-Toschev
Barbarossastrasse 2
D-09112 Chemnitz

or simply print out our application form (210KB) and send it by post to the above mentioned address.

Here you can download Adobe Reader®. Here you can download Adobe Reader®.

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