inlingua Chemnitz - Translation and Interpretation Services

translation, interpretation, transcription and editing services

inlingua offers translations into and out of all  widely used languages, with or without certification. We are also available for interpreting, editing and transcription services.

All these services require expertise, discretion, loyalty and continuity together with interdisciplinary thinking.

At inlingua Chemnitz, we believe that translations are not a 'by-product' of language training, but an essential component of our business operations.

In addition to our in-house translators, we have access to a worldwide network of competent native-speaker technical translators, specialist interpreters, editors and transcriptionists who have many years of experience in international project management for industry, business, technology and advertising.

We also provide legal translations, patent specifications, scientific publications and complex project translations on time and at competitive rates.

State-of-the-art technology, a network with its own administration, with top priority given to data protection and data security.

In line with the state-of-the-art technology, we also offer post-editing services of machine-generated translations, helping you achieve the best possible final product.

Information for translation orders

Translations are priced according to the number of lines. A standard line has 53 characters including spaces. The price per line is determined according to the difficulty of the translation and the language combination. Additional rush charges may apply. A minimum order value of 40,- EUR net applies for small orders. Translations are subject to the statutory value-added tax of 19%. A second editing is included in the price.

Please note that for certified translations (including certificates, deeds, passports) we must have access to the original document. A certification fee of 9,- EUR per document is charged in addition to the translation price.

We would be happy to provide you with a customized quote. Please send us the text to be translated by e-mail in advance, indicating the target language. We will provide you with a quote, specifying the delivery date.

Proofreading services

Bei einer Korrektur wird ein Text auf die Richtigkeit der Orthographie bzw. Rechtschreibung, Interpunktion  bzw. Zeichensetzung und Grammatik hin überprüft und Fehler werden verbessert. Bei unverständlichen Sätzen oder Wörtern wird der Lektor die Stelle im Text markieren, aber keine Vorschläge zur Umformulierung machen.

Editing services

Editorial services are not only concerned with the correct use of language, but also consider the content of the text. Here - according to your specifications - different criteria can also be checked by the editor. These include correct choice of words, appropriate style, comprehensibility, logical structure, citations, adherence to specified formats, clear layout, and more. The editor's comments will not only point out discrepancies, but usually include suggestions for changes. The exact scope of editing is up to you. Note that the time required for editing is more than that required for proofreading. If the number of points to be checked by the proofreader increases, so does the number of working hours. Proofreading, in any case, is always included in the editing of the text.